How To Become A Top WordPress Professional – FOLLOW THE BLOGS

How To Become A Top WordPress Professional – FOLLOW THE BLOGS

How To Become A Top WordPress ProfessionalThere are a plethora of WordPress blogs out there that you can learn from. Add them to your RSS reader and stay up-to-date. With so many blogs that have “WP” as a prefix, it may seem like they all have the same thing to offer, but the best are distinctive and each offers something unique. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Smashing Magazine (WordPress Category)
    Long form articles, tutorials and editorials
  • WP Realm
    International WordPress news, opinion and articles from experts across the community (and edited by me!)
  • WPCandy
    WordPress news and podcasts. There’s also a Pros section which you can sign up for once you’re a Pro!
  • WPBeginner
    WordPress tutorials, how-tos, videos and reviews, along with a nice coupon section for getting discounts on WordPress-related products and services.
    Daily tips, tutorials and WordPress news.
  • WPLift
    Regular round-ups of WordPress plugins and themes, as well as the occasional tutorial.
  • Code Poet
    Interviews with prominent WordPress experts, short and useful eBooks and links to useful resources.

It’s also worth signing up for which is a weekly email with WordPress articles from across the community.

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